Feather Spheres~Design Tutorial

While working on my feathered wreath lesson for my workshop I thought it would be fun to throw out the idea that your feather wreaths don't have to be symmetrical and balanced. Why not have some fun with these and make beautiful feathered spheres???

Using different sized circles from my Ultimate Stencil I scattered  spheres around my fabric.  I had some circles going "underneath" each other and others that "interlocked". This creates great dimension and movement.

I had fun offsetting the feather spines, adding several to a sphere and then challenged myself to fill in as desired.  Loads of fun and I'm very pleased with how this turned out!

The background diamond design was created from my Ultimate Backgrounds triangles/diamonds stencil and filled with repetitive lines.  

Hugs, Cindy :)

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    etuwudoc on

  • Love this technique. I think I would continue the feather motif of one of the overlapping circles, making the depth more pronounced. Loved your class yesterday, anxious to get to the sewing machine & try these new techniques. Thank you for a wonderful day which will influence my quilting from now on.

    Dawn Bryde on

  • Cindy, This is Fabulous!!
    Thank You for your tut!!
    Cant’t wait to try it!

    Kimberley MapleHill Quilting on

  • Oh I do love those… how clever

    Fiona on

  • Oh Cindy, as usual you are taking this design over the top. Beautiful!!! I am working on a project right now that I will try it on. Once I get my sewing room in order. That was the planned project for the day.

    Janet My on

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