My husband often tellsme "you're only as good as your tools" and he's right.  Quality tools are very important in any profession...especially in the world of sewing and quilting.  We are all faced with the dreaded task of removing stitches and seams from our work.  I've come up with the perfect tool to make this much easier!

I teamed up with Famore because of their attention to detail and their quality tools.  They are the creator of the favorite tools in my sewing box.  

The EZ RipnGrip is two tools in one.  A fine point seam ripper is paired with the best pair of tweezers in the world.  They are joined at the base with a pivot which allows the two tools to spin independently and hold in any direction.  The tweezer blades are perfectly matched so they can grab and hold even the finest of threads.  This measures 3 1/4" closed, 6" open and about 1/2" in depth.

The EZ RipNGrip comes with a blue case so it can be protected no matter where you travel. 

CLICK HERE for the YouTube video demonstrating the EZ RipNGrip.


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