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Welcome to my website!

I'm happy to have you in my "on-line" home...there's lots to check out so let me give you a quick over-view of everything.

I am VERY excited to announce the arrival of my NEW TOOL!!!!  The EZ RipNGrip is a fabulous tool that every quilter/sewist should have.  We all face the challenge of ripping unwanted stitches/seams and having the perfect tool to do this is invaluable.  The RipNGrip is two tools in one...a fine-point seam ripper paired with the best tweezers in the world.  These are joined at the base and can rotate into any angle you need.  CLICK HERE for my YouTube video for a demonstration of this "can't-do-without-it"  tool!   CLICK HERE      ..

Have you ever struggled to find those little tools and pins that are always hiding at your sewing table???  I created a magnetic tool holder called The Perfect Spot.  This was actually created for the EZ RipNGrip but I find I am using it for my little scissors and pins at ALL of my work stations.  Love it!  This can be found under TOOLS in my Products/Services.  I will be including one of these FREE with each EZ RipNGrip ordered for a limited time! 

I now have seven different sets of my ever popular designing stencils known as The Ultimates.   These now include the brand new set, "The Little Girls" which is a set created specifically for the Little Girl framed miniatures.  These can be found under Products/Services.

My retreats/workshops can be found under Products/Services.  Many are full but if you are interested please contact me to be put on the wait list.  I always get cancellations and am thankful to have a wait list to pull from.

My E-Books  are also very popular.  These under Products/Services.

You can access my Pinterest page at the bottom of this page.   I am always adding photos and using this as my Gallery.

FOR MY UK CUSTOMERS!!!  Pinhole Quilting is carrying  a large portion of my  stencils.  Please contact them directly for purchase

Please feel free to contact me at any time with the "Contact Me" bar at the top of the page.  Thank you!  Cindy