Background Fill-Linen Wholecloth Quilt

I am currently working on a linen wholecloth quilt and thought I'd take advantage of a "teaching moment" to share a couple tips with you!

When I'm working on a wholecloth quilt I quilt my "big bones" first.  In otherwords, I stitch down the major lines and motifs to stabilize the quilt.  Then I go back in and do the fillers and the smaller details.

With this particular piece I noticed that the corners where the clamshells would be was poofing up too much so it was time to go in an nail this area down while it was still manageable.  If I started quilting the clams from the bottom up it would actually push the bubble of fabric up and cause puckers/wrinkles.  I tensioned the sandwich as best I could and quilted two rows of clams to divide/conquer the space.  Then I went in and filled in the rest of the clams.  Everything came down nice and flat!

Embroidery was ditched first and then micro-echoed to fill.  I used Kimono Silk #100 to do all the fill work.

The 2" border was ditched, feathers marked and quilted and then the tedious micro-echo is being added.  

The flower in each corner didn't stand out as much as I wanted to so I went back in and added micro-echoing around that and now it's perfect!

I love how this is coming out and am enjoying every moment working on it.  I'll share more details as I go.   Hugs, Cindy



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