This is the first in a series of Facebook Live videos.  In this lesson I will be teaching you very basic designing using just your ruler and the Basic Three fillers.    This will be the foundation for all of the lessons coming up.


CLICK HERE for the Ultimate Shape handout.  This will give you good information on how you can repeat a basic shape for an all-over design and then fill it with a simple filler.  

CLICK HERE to purchase the Ultimate Shape stencil set. 

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  • Great walk thru and explanations. Thank you very much for the wonderful class!

    Margaret Schlimmer on

  • I don’t do Facebook. Is there another way for me to view your videos? Thank you for the inspiration.

    MAry JEnsen on

  • What day and time are you on? How do I pick it up? U tube ? Saw it once

    DIane on

  • Thanks so much. I learned a lot from your class.

    Teresa Dethloff on

  • Hi Cindy thank you for this video! I have always been intimidated by the quilting part of the process. Your video help me see how to break designs down and fill them in rather than just follow the piecing! Thank You!

    carol perkins on

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