Chevrons Using Rope Cable Border

I've always admired the S-Curve background filler but have always had trouble getting my S-Curves consistent throughout.  I had an Ah-Ha moment when I realized that the rope cable border is made up of just that..perfect S-curves!

Here's a very easy way to create a beautiful background just by reversing the rope cable.

Start by drawing vertical lines that are the same width as your rope cable.  These lines are a guide, they will NOT be quilted.

1.  Now mark your rope cable in the first section.

2. Flip your stencil over so your rope cable is going in the opposite direction and mark.  Repeat this until your area is filled.  

When I quilt a rope cable I like to keep it continuous line without having to double stitch over every other hump. 

1.  Start at the top of the cable unit and quilt all the way down (shown in red).

2.  Now kick back up from here and go backwards leaving a tiny echo line.

Repeat until your rope cable is done.  You've added a beautiful secondary detail without having to double stitch any lines!

If you want your chevron background more densely filled simply keep echoing the S-curve inside the rope cable until you achieve the density you want.


Hugs, Cindy :)

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