This video will walk you thru my process of creating my framed "Little Girls".

CLICK HERE to be taken to the FB Live Video.


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  • I am so thrilled I found you via The Quilt Show your work is so inspiring. I have many many linens and doilies from my Grandmother and a dear old friend I used to care for when I was very young. I am 72 now and just so happy that I now know what to do with those beautiful linens.
    Thank you for your very fact filled Blogs they are are just wonderful. Your work takes my breath away. I live in Canada and it is snowing here today so a perfect activity for this terribly cold May day.

    Lynda Royce on

  • Wow I watched your FBVideo on your Little Girls" this morning, it was so gorgeous, I’m so Inspired…your are a wonderful teacher, so motivating. I live in New Zealand and with Lock down & Covid 19 I have been so thankful for your videos…you are giving us all so much Inspiration & Information. I sincerely thank you for your time & gorgeous quilting, Thank you.

    Erin Parr on

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