Design Tutorial~Basic "Square" Star

In my last tutorial I described how to make a basic eight pointed star using the Circle Ultimate Stencil.  You can create beautiful stars using the square one too but they come out a bit different.

Starting with the square transparency, create the center of your star first...just like we did with the circle.  Note that I used every other line.

Once the center lines are done, and using every other line, start creating your star points. I love how the squared star corner points go out further.

Remember you can additional points in-between your existing star points if you would like.

I received a comment from a reader from my last post wondering how the star would look on an actual block...great idea!  So from now on when I do a tutorial I will grab an orphan block and put it underneath the vinyl so you can visualize how this will look on a quilt.  Hope this helps!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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