For the Love of Linens~ Special Exhibit in Houston!

Whew...the new website is up and running and my fabulous team, DK Web Designs, has done an over-the-top job with the design and have been very patient with me getting it all dialed in.  Thank you Heather and Danielle!!!

Unfortunately with the new website being launched my old blog was euthanized.  Years worth of inspiration disappeared.  A good friend shared that there may be a way to pull the old blogs into the new website but there just wasn't enough time to do this before the launch.  Soooo, the good news is that I can start fresh, inspire you some more, and maybe repeat some old posts here that were lost there.

The final countdown has begun on the special exhibit "For the Love of Linens" in Houston.  This will be the very first time that an exhibit such as this has appeared in ANY quilt show and why not have it at the biggest quilt show in the world??? 

 I love to feature special quilters from around the world on my blog so once the exhibit was accepted by the committee in Houston, I went thru two years worth of blog posts and chose six of my favorites.  I emailed these fabulous quilters and asked if they would like to join me in Houston???  They were beyond thrilled and I am happy to say that myself and six other very talented quilters will be featured.

My next blog posts will feature these quilters. I'll give you a little inside history and a head shot so you can get to know them all a bit better.  Unfortunately I'm not able to share pictures of their quilts that will be at the exhibit until after the show.  My favorite oldest daughter, Jenny, is a professional photographer and will be coming to the show to get some wonderful photos for you.  I've set up a Pinterest Board that will be dedicated to the Exhibit and all photos will be posted there. we go...a whole new inspiration...and starting it all off featuring some of my favorite quilters!

Hugs, Cindy :) 



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