My Challenge Project!

As you know Karen Azevedo is doing a traditional boutis for our challenge and I am doing the same chosen pattern on a vintage linen but I'm doing it free motion quilting.  I love to do wholecloth miniatures so thought this was the perfect opportunity to do another one.

I chose a beautiful drawn-thread work linen and traced the pattern.  I added a center medallion in the middle (this is also from the book).  I added a couple small borders in the little areas around the edge.

This piece measures 11" in the middle and the small borders are 1/2" each. 

I don't particularly care for the double folded edges on this type of linen.  They're always wonky and difficult to quilt and have them lay down flat so I cut these edges off.  I will add some beautiful lace to this edge later. Just a side note...I will use these cut edges to audition threads, etc. before actually quilting the piece.

I thought I was done yesterday...I put the linen on the dark gray underlayment and thought to my self "wonder how this would look on point?".  Dang was even better on point!  So off to the quilt store I went, bought the last of the fabric on the bolt, cut a bigger piece, and put the linen on point.  

Instead of just having the small linen to do, now I have corners and borders...I wonder why I do this to myself sometimes.  I chose this pretty lacy fill to put in the corner areas and the scalloped Baptist fan design for the border.  Both of these are traditional boutis patterns (again, out of the book) but they will also be very forgiving for a not-so-square linen and squaring up the piece when I'm done.

So it's back to the lightbox again for many more days of tracing before I'm ready to put this in the machine.    Hugs, Cindy

PS:   I know you're going to ask...I used the black Frixion pen on the linen and using the Clover fine white marking pen for the darker fabric.  

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