New Life For An Old Redwork Piece!

I bought this very old redwork piece probably 20 years ago off of Ebay.  I was disappointed when I received it as it just wasn't very attractive.  The embroidery is very primitive, too much open space.  The fabric was rough (done on old feedsacks) and was a grayish color.  And then there was a missing block in the corner.  So I tucked it away. I came across it recently and since I've been on a roll cutting stuff up I decided I could do something with this.


I took my rulers and fussy cut all of the embroidered areas out into smaller pieces. 


It's taken a couple weeks of arranging, rearranging, fussy piecing, etc. and I've finally created something I'm decently happy with.  Because the embroidery is a bit on the "creative side" it gave me permission to have my piecing the same which took away some of the pressure trying to make it perfect-ish.


I don't feel like I was disprespectful to this piece but rather created something that is more pleasing to the eye.  I'll be adding embellishments, of course, after the quilting is done.

Cindy :)

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