Our Boutis Challenge...My Progress!

I'm finally "back in the saddle" again and able to start quilting.  Boy does it feel good!!!  My first priority was to get back on our boutis challenge and I'm excited to share some great progress this week!

Since this fragile linen is so wiggly I wanted to make sure my straight lines stayed straight so I stitched these first with my piecing foot.  I'm using #100 Kimono Silk and a Microtex Sharp 60/10 needle and also used Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting.  

I really should have taken more photos as I went along but I was enjoying the quilting so much I didn't want to stop.  I am LOVING how this is turning out!  

I will be adding beadwork in the drawnthread work lace sections to hold them down so they won't be so poofy.

 I was pretty concerned about quilting the complicated corners but these have actually been very easy!  It's all continuous line, I can travel and it's very forgiving.  I'm also showing how I'm going to add a small lace trim to the raw edge of the linen after the corner quilting is done.

So far so good! Feels good to be back!  Hugs, Cindy 

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