Photo Updates of Linen Quilts

I finished up my teaching year for the Columbia River Quilt Guild in Hood River, Oregon.  My room was overlooking the Columbia River and I managed to catch two beautiful sunrises.  This was the ONLY sun I saw for four days!

My "down time" in the hotel room was spent diligently pecking away at beading and burying threads on my current quilts.  I thought it was about time I got updated photos posted on these!    I have a deadline of next March to get all three of these finished for an upcoming exhibit.




 I'm not showing the complete quilt yet as it's still in a very awkward stage at the moment.  The above photos are showing the meticulous beadwork being added to the flowers, cathedral window fill in the hearts and to the drawnthread work areas.  Lots of hours in this!!!



 These are some close up's of my Hankie Hexie quilt.  This was featured in a past blog when I was getting started on it.  It was created from vintage silk hankies which was very difficult to do.  I have been very unhappy with the intersections and how the hexies came together so I ended up doing a topstitch in the ditches with a 13 wt. buttonhole silk from Superior and then adding a heavy bead at all the intersections to hide the "awkward moments".  Much happier with it now!  I'm also adding the same heavy beads to the bridgework around all the outside edges.




I am recreating the Nun's Quilt and have named this piece "Sister Act".  This is truly a labor of love.  Progress is slow but she is definitely coming along!  All the major outlining is done...finally.  I'm adding feathers, fill and beadwork bit by bit.  I think I'm enjoying working on this one as much as I did the original Nun's Quilt.

Brand new class samples are being created as we speak and I will be posting photos of those as they get cleaned up.

Big Hugs, Cindy :)

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  • Oh my, your hexies are coming along nicely. And Sister Act, well, what can one say about her? A stunning twin and just as special.

    Karen on

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