Repairing a Damaged Linen...

I've been working on this incredible linen for the past few months and finally bit the bullet and decided to work on a badly damaged corner. I've never had one that was this bad before but the linen was so incredible it was well worth the extra effort.

One of the corners was completely shredded.  Oh my....

...and the lacy inset was shredded as well.  


I used parts of this old hankie that had been sacrificed for another project and cut off bits of this to help fill in the torn areas. 


I chose to use the hankie as  I liked the transparency of the fabric and the fact that it would "fill" the hole without leaving a sharp contrasting line between the linen and the dark underlayment.

Microechoing around all the embroidery with Superior Threads' Kimono Silk helped to fill in the areas and make it appear more solid.  You will always see the patched areas but it sure looks better than it did before!!!

The lace section was another whole story and a bit of a pain in the neck!  I used Superior Threads' heavy buttonhole silk and my piecing foot so I could get perfect lines/stitches and quilted three lines close together to get the density I wanted and then buried all threads afterwards.  It will never be perfect as I can't duplicate the lacework but after my beads are added to this area it will hardly be noticeable.



Just some teaser photos of the progress on this beautiful piece!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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