The Ultimate Tools!


A full year ago I came up with the idea of creating a tool set that would be ergonomically friendly to those of us who suffer from dexterity issues with our hands.  This includes arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, injuries etc.  I do a lot of handwork and love my small tools but it is becoming painful at times to use these due to the tight pinch required.  When I'm teaching I notice many students struggle using small tools because they too have hand challenges.  The Ultimate Tools set will allow us to use fine tools with many options for hand and finger positions.

I went to my tool box and dumped it out and pulled out my favorites.  Over half of them were manufactured by Famore Cutlery.  They are known for producing quality scissors and tools and are well respected in the industry.  I contacted them to see if they were interested in producing this for me and we've been teamed up together since then!

Let's talk about the amazing box this set comes in!  It has a foam interior with cut outs so each handle/tip can be protected.  It has a fold out lid with magnetic catch that tucks underneath it.  This allows your tools to be displayed nicely on your sewing table. 

When it's time to go you simply fold the handle over the open box and tuck it in your sewing bag.  The magnetic catch keeps it closed.

I have designed two handles and each one is constructed with a stainless steel core which gives them a perfect weight and balance.  They are coated with a very smooth finish which makes them nice to work with and hold.



Each handle has a small hole in the top with a rubber gasket inside to firmly  hold the tool tip.  They can be used in both the right and left hands.




There are currently three tool tips available; i.e., seam ripper, tweezers and a stiletto.  Three more tips will be added in the very near future which will include a tension screwdriver, fine curved hook with latch and I'm still looking for one more tip.  Room has been left in the box for these three additional tips.



The blue curved handle is designed to DROP DOWN into the palm of your hand around the middle-ring finger area. 

Let's say I want to rip a seam.  I plug the seam ripper tip into one of the holes.  I turn the seam ripper to the angle I want it for my task.  I lay the handle in the palm of my hand and wrap my fingers around it into a position that is comfortable for ME.  No tight pinch required.  

Once my ripping is done I've decided I want to pull all those little threads out.  I plug the tweezers tip into the other side of the handle...roll the handle over and use the tweezers to pull the threads out.  Unfortunately I haven't developed a way to eliminate the tight pinch for the tweezers...yet!  I love the fact that I can use two tools at the same time just by rolling the handle back and forth.

The straight-ish purple handle has the same hole in the top.  It also has a nice curve to the handle for a thumb rest.  Let's say I want to use my stiletto tip.  I simply place the tip into the handle.  I can hold it with my thumb on the handle and my index finger under the tip OR I can wrap my fingers over the top of the handle with the end in the palm of my hand. No thumb action required.

I love the fact that this handle can sit straight up on my sewing table OR I can lay it down and it won't roll off the table.

A YouTube video will be posted in the next couple days demonstrating how these tools work.

These tools are in production at this time and I am anticipating receiving them by the end of this summer.  This set will retail for $79.99.  If you don't wish to purchase the entire set you may purchase the handles, tips and box separately  "ala carte". 

I will be running a pre-sale about 45 days prior to receiving the tools offering this set at a discounted price and will send out a newsletter blast as well as a Facebook and blog post letting everyone know.  If you would like to be added to my newsletter list please email me at:  

If you have any questions at all please email me!  Thank you, Cindy


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