This video explains how to make your borders fit as well as how to design borders using the Ultimate Borders stencils.

CLICK HERE for the video URL.

CLICK HERE for the handout on How to Make Your Borders Fit.

CLICK HERE for the handout on The Ultimate Borders

CLICK HERE to purchase The Ultimate Borders stencil set.

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  • Hi Cindy. I have just discovered your videos and was wondering if your e-book is still available. I am really inspired now to experiment with different borders to enhance my quilts. Thank you.

    Raelene St John on

  • I took a class with you from my River City Guild and I bought everything at that time. I don’t remember if the border set was available at the time. I don’t think so. I’m going to look tomorrow. I like to use them now that I have a longarm. I will watch your videos next.

    MIchele MORRISON on

  • Again another great learning experience. Thank you so much for these classes and sharing your expertise. I am learning a lot. Hope to meet you someday at a quilting class or show.

    Mary Jean Eisenga on

  • Hi Cindy. Thankyou so much for these. I have watched you on Craftsy,(Blueprint) and also do the QUILT SHOW with Alex and Ricky. Love your work. Am getting into more of the free motion love it. Thankyou again. Keep the chin up, we will all get through this. Kathleen

    Kathleen Mennell on

  • Cindy, I want to tell you how much your current videos have meant to me. I do belong to RicKy and Alex’s internet shows and when Alex mentioned that you would be having videos, I went to them. I had recently taken out the quilt blocks and tops that I put away in containers in 2012 when our oldest son was diag. with CA. I embroidered and hand appliqued on the designs when he had chemo and hospital stays. When he passed in January of 2016, I had a hard time getting them out till this year and I finally have one top ready to quilt and am finishing the machine applique borders on a 71 × 86 top. I have ordered your square and circular stencils and hope to order the border ones next month. Thank you for doing these online classes and giving me the ability to learn how to quilt my tops on a domestic. My great grands are happy to see me working on my projects again.

    Maureen Ashlock on

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