Using Border Motifs on the Ultimate Stencil!

I'm busy "upgrading" some of my lectures and have added some new instruction to my Ultimate Stencil lesson.  I thought you might enjoy some of the new tips I'll be sharing with my classroom students.

My past few wholecloth workshop students have been using the Ultimate Border motifs to add extra details to their medallions.  I will be posting some of THEIR designs in my next post.  Here are a couple of ideas that have been added to my lecture.

In the classroom we always start with a very simple 8-pointed star.  This is very easily drafted on the circle Ultimate Stencil.

I am using the Fleur-de-Lis motif and about 3/4 of the Double Swirl motif from the Ultimate Borders motifs.

LOVE how this turned out!  By starting with a basic star and adding a few simple details I've ended up with a great medallion!

For this star I used the complete Double Swirl motif and the large Diamond motif.  

This medallion was also drafted on the circle Ultimate Stencil.  Sometimes consistent arches are very difficult to draft.  

I cheat on drawing arches because I can use the circle Ultimate Stencil to get perfect ones.  I choose the curve that I this case it is the red and blue.

I used the red arch for the larger petal...

...and the blue arch for the smaller petal!

This is a rough shot of the front of the quilted sample...

and a rough shot of the back!  

Hope this post helps with a little inspiration!

Hugs, Cindy :)


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