Congratulations Michiko!!!!!

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Michiko Yonemaru in one of my Open Thread Bar classes.  She was a brand new beginner with a sewing machine that was much larger than she was...her head barely cleared the top of her machine!  By the end of the class she was already quilting feathers.  I knew she was "someone special" at the time and little did I know she would be showing up in nearly every driving distance workshop and retreat for the next couple years.

Two years ago I offered Michiko a challenge.  I gave her two yards of a beautiful cream smooth Dupioni Silk out of my stash and a book on French boutis and told her to go for it.  And she did.  OMG.

I received an email from her this morning that her quilt, Bouquet Blanc, won a blue ribbon at PIQF for Best Sewing Machine Workmanship-Traditional Category.   I often told Michiko that we would see her name in lights some day...she was would be one of the up-and-coming quilt artists and I was right.  I am very proud and honored to be at least a small part of her journey.  I would like to share part of the story she wrote on her quilt card for the show:

"The main design was based on the French boutis pattern. Cindy's Ultimate Background stencils were used for the background design.  When I was making this quilt my mother passed away. I quilted intensively which provided me therapeutic peace of mind.  The Dupioni silk and Kimono silk threads bestow warm and lustrous feelings".

Congratulations again Michiko!  I'm VERY proud of you!!!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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  • Oh Michiko! You are one awesome quilter!! So glad to know you and be a part of our guild and the Material girls. Awesome Quilting as usual!!!!

    Ann Philbeck on

  • Congratulations! You have a true gift, and it’s so wonderful to see what you’ve accomplished!

    LIz Smith on

  • Congratulations Michiko! I knew when I saw it that there would be a ribbon on it one day.

    Karen on

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