My "Four-Part" Teaching Quilt...

A couple of years ago after presenting my guild trunk show, one of my guests approached me with some good advice.  She said "You know, none of us get what you do...we don't understand how these quilts are made...and even at the end of your program we still don't get it.   You need to SHOW us how these are done".  VERY good advice. 

I figured that the Houston exhibit would probably be much the same.  Ladies would look at the beautiful quilts that are hanging and "not get it".  I have spent several months working on this piece and I think I "finally got it".   Not only will this new piece be at the exhibit but it will accompany me to all guild trunk shows, speaking engagements and workshops. 

I have had this particular linen for several years and it's perfect as a teaching quilt.  I visually divided the quilt into four quarters using tatting and old buttons. 

Quarter One will show the four layers...the Linen; the Underlayment; the Batting; the Backing.

Quarter Two shows the marked quilting designs and the ditching around the embroidery.

Quarter Three will have all the quilting designs actually quilted.


Quarter Four is finished.  It has the fill work, beading, underlayment quilted and a small part of the binding done.

This quilt will be anchored to one of the Petting Zoo tables so my guests can touch it, understand the process and perhaps more thoroughly enjoy and understand the quilts that are hung. 

Hugs, Cindy :)



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