Design Tutorial...Easy Feather Corners!

Creating perfect corners can be a bit difficult due to the fact that they are generally symmetrical and centered and getting consistent angles and arches isn't always easy!

I love to use my tools to make things easier and I've found that using the square
Ultimate Stencil makes creating corner designs a piece of cake.  I am in the middle of rewriting my Heirloom Feathers e-book and wanted to share my instructions on how to easily create a feathered corner.

Using the square Ultimate Stencil, I drew a flat line down the middle.  In order to get perfect arches for my feather spines I use just the arch from my Ultimate Shapes OR the arches from the circle Ultimate Stencil.  This ensures that my arched spines are perfect and symmetrical.

Using the angles that are already on the square Ultimate Stencil, I drew dashed guidelines (in pink) where I want my feathers to reach to.  I also marked my design motif in the middle to wrap my feathers around.

I filled in the feathers going up to marked guides on either side.

Lastly I filled in the feathers in the middle filling up the remaining space.  I love using the square Ultimate Stencil to give me perfect angles and guides for my corners.  Makes life SO much easier!

Hugs, Cindy :)

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  • This will be just perfect for my Lonestar corners.

    Sue McCool on

  • You make it look so easy. Hopefully, I"ll have something to try it on soon.

    Sheila Bayley on

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