"Sunshine and Shadow"

I've started the long process of rewriting handbooks and with that comes new class samples to go with the new instruction.  

One of my feathering lessons teaches my students how to create a simple feathered heart with a French Curve.  I thought I could double this lesson by showing the importance of Sunshine and Shadow.

At this stage of quilting the sample looks "okay" but it's all Sunshine.  In other words there isn't any shadowing in the background to make things pop.  

I started adding some scribbling in the open areas of the background with Superior Threads' Kimono Silk.

This background is my Diamonds/Triangles background stencil with cathedral window arches added. LOVE this design!

Now look at the difference a little shadow makes!  LOVE how the feathers just pop and the detail in the background pops as well.  Off to the next sample!  

Cindy :)

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  • Making the feathers “pop” reminds me of the semantics course I took at Chico State. Meaning is given to words by the context around those words. I see this in the same way. Thanks!
    We moved back to Texas in November 2015 and I’m living in Arlington, close to my three grown children. I hope to have an opportunity to attend one of your workshops again in the future when you make it back to Texas. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration through your classes while living in Chico for 30 years!

    Kathie Thompson on

  • Incredibly inspiring!

    Marjorie on

  • Your work is so beautiful! I am still trying to find a nice tablecloth to do a wholecloth with. (Slim pickings around here!)d But I have your book, and it is on the bucket list.

    Janet T on

  • Beautiful design and the shadows really do make a difference!

    Connie Kresin Campbell on

  • Lovely Cindy, just lovely……you are an inspiration.
    LuAnn Kessi in Oregon

    LuAnn Kessi on

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