Design Tutorial Ultimate Stencil~Simple Feather Wreath

I have a huge stash of quilting stencils which contains another equally large collection of different sized feather wreaths.  Since the Ultimate Stencils' arrival I don't use them any more because I can easily create a feather wreath in ANY size I wish.

Draw your inside circle where you wish your feathers to extend to.

Now draw a second line...this will be your feather spine.

Draw a third line...this is the outside edge of your feather wreath.

When I draw my feathers I like to do it "hook fashion".  In other words I start from the top and draw a single hooked line down.  This gives me a fat feather head.  When you are going around the circle, be sure to make wide bases for your feathers.  This makes it much easier to make the turn. 

Now add the feathers on the other side of the spine...Wha La!  A feather wreath without using a commercially made stencil. can make your feather wreaths as itsy tiny as you wish or as large as you wish.

Hugs, Cindy :)

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