"For The Love of Linens"~Houston Special Exhibit

Well, I'm finally getting my feet back underneath me after getting home from the Houston International Quilt Festival.  My special exhibit, "For The Love of Linens" was featured and what an amazing experience this was.  I'm still trying to digest it all.

I was joined by my good friends, Karen Azevedo and Rhonda Dort.  They both stayed with me in the exhibit and helped teach and explain the quilts to our guests.  Ramona Resurreccion (far left) also had a quilt in the exhibit and was able to join us from time to time after she was done with shopping! :)

One of the favorite parts of the exhibit were the two tables in front I called "The Petting Zoo".  I had a total of four small quilts on spinning banner stands, all lit up, that my guests could TOUCH.  This was a first for Houston and was very, very well received.  My daughter Jenny said later our booth was as busy as a vendor booth.  Between the teaching demo's and the touching my guests were able to understand the process of how these special quilts were made.

I used a beautiful tabletop linen and visually divided it up into four quadrants showing the stages of how these quilts are created.  In order to show the quadrants my divisions were created with old tatting and buttons.  This quilt, along with the teaching demo's that accompanied it, really helped everyone understand the process of creating these quilts.

My "two favorite" daughters were able to join me at the show too!  Jenny (on the left) is our photographer (Passion for Life Photography) and is responsible for most of the Pinterest photos.  Emily (on the right) is my baker and owns the Lovely Layers Cakery next door to my studio in Chico. Mmmmmmmm...

I LOVED the back of this T-shirt and felt it was a wonderful way to finish this blog post.

My experience at the Festival is one I shall never forget.   I stood back from the exhibit many times to watch my guests enjoy all the beautiful quilts.  The linen wholecloth quilts all started on a day when I was a bit bored working on traditionally pieced quilts and was looking for something "different" to work on and the beautiful linen on my nightstand called my name.  That was back in the late 1990's and look how far it's come.  Women from all over the world are now creating these very special quilts.  Wow.

If you are interested in seeing my PINTEREST BOARD FOR THE HOUSTON FESTIVAL CLICK HERE.  Lots and Lots of inspiration.

Hugs, Cindy :)


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