Rope Cable Borders-The Easy Way!

I wanted to pass along an easy way to quilt a rope cable border without any backtracking!  

This is the rope cable stencil from my Ultimate Borders collection.  Generally when you quilt this design there is double stitching on every other hump of the cable in order to keep it continuous.  Here's a different solution...

Work the cable from left to right.  Start at the top of a cable (first pink arrow on the left) and stitch all the way down.  

Now kick back up from here and "echo" the stitched curve until you get back up to the top.

Keep repeating this rhythm, even through the corners.  You've not only kept this continuous line but you've added a beautiful detail to your cable.  


Hugs, Cindy :)

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  • Would love to use use this on a Meet Me In Paris quilt that I have hand pieced. I would like to hand quilt it as well. Would you recommend using this design?

    Lori Walters on

  • MaryMaxine, It’s easier to see this in the photograph than in the drawing.

    First, you stitch the cable from top to bottom, following the black line. Next, you do a second line of stitching that is just to the right of the line you just stitched. This line will be done bottom to top. It follows the pink line in the drawing. Because it is so close to the first line, it “echos” it or emphasizes it.

    Now you will start the next cable! You will stitch the black line from top to bottom. You’ll the do the “echo” stitching from bottom to top, again following the pink line in the drawing. You’ve now done two cables!


    Jennifer Darrow on

  • Simply brilliant!

    Wanda Black on

  • Thank you for these direction, they really help. I know when you showed how to do the back ground, basket weave, it was much more friendly to do.

    Betty wInslow on

  • I think it says that you echo back to the top of the next cable. You can see this in the picture

    Patricia Martin on

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