"The Quilt Show" Interview...

When I was at the Houston Quilt Show for the "Love of Linens" special exhibit, my fabulous sponsor, The Quilt Show, did an interview and it turned out wonderful!  It will give you some beautiful close up shots of each quilt, names of the quilters whom I featured and some fun information.  Check it out! 


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  • What a beautiful exhibit and how inspiring! I wish I could have seen it in person. Loved, loved, loved the idea of the Petting Zoo! Now I’m going to dig out the linens I have been collecting! Thank you Cindy!

    Sherry on

  • So amazing and inspiring! Now I know what to do with a huge doily that I purchased years ago! I’ve added old linens to my garage sale treasure hunt and doing a linen quilt to my bucket list! Congratulations for such a beautiful exhibit.
    I hope you teach in the midwest sometime soon!

    Susan Stitch on

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