My "Four-Part" Teaching Quilt...

A couple of years ago after presenting my guild trunk show, one of my guests approached me with some good advice.  She said "You know, none of us get what you do...we don't understand how these quilts are made...and even at the end of your program we still don't get it.   You need to SHOW us how these are done".  VERY good advice.  I figured that the Houston exhibit would probably be much the same.  Ladies would look at the beautiful quilts that are hanging and "not get it".  I have spent several months working on this piece and...

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Featuring Linen Lady~Susan Stewart!

Susan Stewart is another one of my very talented Linen Ladies who has a fabulous hankie quilt at the exhibit.  She is a fellow Craftsy instructor (The Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt and Heirloom Sewing Essential Techniques). 

She grew up on a farm in Missouri and has lived in a small town in Kansas for the past 15 years.  She started sewing when she was five years old and never stopped!  Over 25 years ago she discovered heirloom sewing and was soon writing, designing, and teaching for Martha Pullen Co.  In 2004 she discovered quilting.

Thank you, Susan, for being part of this very special exhibit!

Cindy :)


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Silent Auction Quilt-Houston Exhibit

Since I lost my old Blog when my new website was created, I'm going to duplicate a couple of my more recent posts. I wanted to share the small hankie quilt that will be up for bidding at the Silent Auction booth at the upcoming Houston International Quilt Festival.  This started out as a beautiful hankie that I stabilized with Bosal stabilizer first before placing it on top of Radiance fabric.  I quilted this with Superior Threads' Kimono Silk and used Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting and quilted it to death!  The background grid used the "baby" triple grid stencil from...

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Featuring Linen Lady ~ Ramona Resurreccion!

My third Featured Linen Lady is Ramona Resurreccion.  She was originally from the Philippines and migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1988 with her three children.  She stumbled upon a quilt show in Melbourne in 1995 and never looked back.  She has taught quilting and makes 7-8 exhibition quilts a year not counting the ones for her grandchildren!  Ramona will be traveling all the way from Australia to be at the show and I can hardly wait to meet her in person.  I am in awe of the beautiful work she has shared with me and can't wait to see her...

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I'm tickled to introduce another good friend of mine, Rhonda Dort, who is also a featured Linen Lady at the upcoming exhibit in Houston. I've known Rhonda for many years and she is a FABULOUS quilter on both a domestic machine and a easy task!  She is a third generation quilter and loves to add beautiful embellishments to her work.  You will have to look for two more of her quilts that were accepted for competition at the show! You will be seeing a lot of Rhonda at the exhibit...she's a lot of fun and I know you will...

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